BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™
Take on the toughest stuck-on and sticky messes with the new BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™ – the ONLY carpet cleaner with the power of BISSELL’s HydroSteam™ technology.

BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™ specifications:

Water Tank Capacity:1.9L

Dirt Tank Capacity:1.5L

Hose Length:1.5m

Power Cord Length: 7m

Warranty:2 Year Limited

Functions:Wash and steam clean for carpeting, upholstered furnishing, and auto-interiors.

Surfaces:Carpets, area rugs, staircases, fabric upholstery, fabric auto-interiors.

An Upright Deep Cleaner That’s Kind To Your Carpets

The naturally odour-resistant and antibacterial power of steam cleaning has reached new heights with the introduction of the BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™. With the simple pull of its trigger handle, your BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™ can easily release steam, water and formula or just water and formula for powerful carpet cleaning.

And once your surfaces have been treated, the dual DirtLifter® PowerBrushes in the head of your Revolution® HydroSteam™ will use its twelve rows of bristles to swiftly remove even the toughest embedded dirt or stains. When used correctly and in accordance with the Revolution® HydroSteam™’s user guide, the PowerBrushes’ sturdy bristles work to remove dirt embedded deep into the fibres of your carpet and rugs without damaging or degrading these surfaces themselves – allowing you to prolong the life of your carpeting and rugs.

Reap all the benefits of steam cleaning for your carpets and rugsby investing in a BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™ for your household today.

Experience The Full Benefits of HydroSteam™ Technology

With its intuitive pre-treatment mode, the BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™ makes quick work of removing even the toughest and stickiest stains using the power of steam. In fact, testing of the Revolution® HydroSteam™ demonstrates that this leading carpet cleaner is capable of cleaning up messes 3X better than generic carpet cleaning solutions – all thanks to BISSELL’s revolutionary HydroSteam™ technology.

Experience the full benefits of BISSELL’s HydroSteam™ technology for yourself by adding a BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™ carpet cleaner to your household cleaning armada.

Switch Between Three Cleaning Modes With The Tap Of A Button

The BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™ comes with three distinct cleaning modes – the Steam Pretreat Mode, SteamWash™ Max Clean Mode and Quick Dry Mode. Each of these three cleaning modes have their own advantages and applications. Your Steam Pretreat Mode is perfect for tackling tough messes from their roots up. Then the SteamWash™ Max Clean Mode offers superior performance, providing 3X better cleaning results than other generic carpet cleaning solutions. Finally, the Quick Dry Mode is the ultimate cleaning mode for last-minute carpet cleaning, providing you with clean and fully dried carpets in the span of 30 minutes.

For added convenience, BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™ users can easily switch between these three cleaning modes with just the tap of their fingertip. This is all thanks to the fingertip controls that are conveniently positioned on the handle of your Revolution® HydroSteam™. The BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™ also boasts an LED foot display that illuminates your selected mode for easy identification.

Clean Hard-To-Reach Areas With A 2.1m Upholstery Hose

Carpet looking a little discoloured in the corners or along your walls? Thanks to the BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™’s 2.1m upholstery hose and included 3-in-1 cleaning tool, you can easily clean all the nooks and crannies that are hard to reach.

And this doesn’t exclude under-bed or under-couch nooks and crannies either. With its low profile foot, the BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™ can easily manoeuvre around and under furniture with expert precision. Paired with its 7m power cord and the 3-in-1 cleaning tool, there’s simply nothing stopping your BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™ from providing a thorough cleaning experience.

Tackle Both Wet & Dry Pet Messes With Ease

Is your home prone to accruing some tough pet messes? If so, you’ll find lots to love when using the 2-in-1 Pet Upholstery Tool that comes included with your BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™. Cleaning both wet and dry messes without steam, your 2-in-1 Pet Upholstery Tool will be able to remove pet hair, stains, and eliminate odours right at their source.

With the BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™, cleaning even the toughest pet messes becomes a dog walk in the park.

Take The Stress Out Of Spot Cleaning

With the BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™’s included 8cm Tough Stain Tool, you can harness all the power of your carpet washer to directly tackle particularly heavy stains or spots on your carpeting and upholstery. Whether it’s an accidental spill at the hands of a toddler or your household pet bringing some unwelcome dirt in from the backyard, your 8cm Tough Stain Tool will be able to return your carpets and upholstery back to their former glory in next to no time at all.

A Self-Rinsing Cycle That Cuts Your Appliance Cleaning In Half

Thanks to the Revolution® HydroSteam™’s easy Rinsing and Storage Tray as well as its innovative self-rinsing cycle, you can easily pre-wash and rinse out your machine between tougher carpet cleaning jobs. The Revolution® HydroSteam™’s large 2.1L water tank also allows you to clean deeper and longer before you’ll have to head to your nearest sink or basin.

Stay on top of your carpet cleaning regime with the Revolution® HydroSteam™’s thoughtfully designed self-rinsing cycle and included Rinsing and Storage Tray.

The BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™ Is Available Now

With the hustle and bustle of our everyday life, all modern households need a carpet cleaner that’s been designed for heavy-duty performance. The BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™ will be the carpet cleaner that addresses all of your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. The BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™ has been designed to be the best method for combating wine and cordial spills, sticky messes, dirt tracked into the house by pets or after footy practice, and all the other carpet stains and messes that we find ourselves scratching our heads over day in and day out.

Shop the BISSELL Revolution® HydroSteam™ online or in-store today.

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