About Us

You could call us a company full of neat freaks. And that's fine.

Because at BISSELL, we care about finding ways to make your home a cleaner place. It started simple, in a small crockery shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, all the way back in 1876. Since then we've focused on one thing - floorcare. It's in our DNA to engineer innovative, award-winning and easy-to-use cleaning solutions for messes and spills of all shapes and sizes, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

We've redefined the concept of clean with a family of innovative floor care products such as vacuum cleaners, carpet sweepers, carpet cleaners and washers, and wet/dry vacuums. Along with a full line of time-tested cleaning chemicals. Each product is designed to improve the ways you take care of your home, especially the biggest home of all – Earth. Using our innovative spirit, we're constantly searching for new ways to make our products safer for the environment. After all, when BISSELL says clean, we mean clean.

Experts in home cleaning

For more than 140 years and over five generations, our family-owned corporation has developed and created the world's best cleaning tools.

We have a deep commitment to understanding the lives and cleaning needs of our consumers. That fundamental belief leads us to researching their home environments and cleaning habits. This gives BISSELL the foundation to develop inventive home cleaning solutions, and provide true innovations that are inspired by real life.

BISSELL associates are dedicated to providing superior service, because our professionals are passionate to be the best for you.

That’s tradition, innovation and passion. This is our past, present and future.

We are experts in home cleaning!

Healthy Home

At BISSELL, we're committed to clean.

Being committed to clean is important, because cleaning goes much deeper than the dirt you can see. From bacteria and dust mites, to pet dander and pollen, every home faces problems. That’s why BISSELL’s Healthy Home line of products offers a range of innovative solutions.

We also have the features today’s families want, like our SmartSeal Allergen System, our range of Senstive Choice products for homes and families with allergies or asthma; and Multi-Allergen formulas for allergen removal.

Today, a truly clean home is also a healthier home with help of products by BISSELL.