Every pet owner can agree that they adore and likely dote on their respective animals. There’s nothing they would change about them, okay perhaps one thing; their shedding. It’s the universal sign that you are a pet owner when your usually clean house is covered in a light dusting of pet hair, somehow managing to coat any and every surface. So follow along as we teach you how to live with your furry friend, , minus the hair saturated home. 

Step One: Rigorous Routine

When it comes to owning an animal you likely already have a routine set up for when to walk them or when to feed them, being in possession of a pet is hardly the most spontaneous part of life. So much like your routine to keep your furry friend happy and healthy, it’s time to form a routine that will keep your house clean and hair free. The Icon Pet Turbo 25V is a cordless vacuum that's made specifically for hard to get pet hair. It also includes a special brush that will prevent the deadly pet hair clogging that so many vacuum heads suffer. This vacuum is incredibly convenient for pet owners who have to reach around every nook and cranny of their homes to rid it of hair, due to the fact its cordless and weighs less than 4kgs, there will be no more straining to pull the weighty appliance up the stairs, and damaging walls by accidentally banging into them with a heavy machine. This will likely be the quickest and most convenient step of your cleaning process. You’ll be ready for a second family pet in no time!

Icon Pet Turbo 25V

Step Two: Be Prepared For Accidents 

Having a routine is perfect as it ensures the vast majority of your pet hair and dirt is taken care of and stops your house becoming a glorified fur coat. However, pet hair is not the only animal related incident that can occur inside your house. Just like people, our pets have accidents too. This can range from an over excited puppy tracking mud inside your kitchen or home office after a walk, to a cat with a fur ball!. Regardless of what your problem is, it’s imperative you have a tool to help fix any little accidents.. This is where a product like the Stain Eraser Turbo becomes so helpful. This cordless appliance is a dream come true as it allows you to conveniently tend to a hard to get out stain without any fuss. The Stain Eraser Turbo includes a power brush that will help scrub out any long lasting marks and prevent damage. Having a product that caters to accidents is essential when you’re a pet owner as whilst we try to prepare ourselves for any possible issues that may arise, our pets are always going to throw us a curveball, in the shape or a hairball, or last night's dinner, so having a solution to that is crucial. 

Stain Eraser Turbo

Step Three: Have some In Between Maintenance 

Having a cleaning routine and accident apprehension plan is ideal to make sure your home and your pet both live in harmony. However, to stop that hair building up, whilst also ensuring that your home is always guest ready and you aren’t going to be constantly breathing in little animal hairs, it's imperative to make sure you stay on top of cleaning between regular  the deep cleans to maintain  the cleanliness of your home and stop the spread of hair getting out of control. In this situation, the ideal product is low maintenance as we don’t want to spend the entirety of our lives picking up after our pet, but rather spending time with them and getting on with our busy day to day. This is why the  ​​SpinWave Wet/Dry Robot Vacuumis vital, it will gently clean your home without you needing to even lift a finger. As an added bonus, it’s quiet, so it won’t spook your pet. 

Whether you own a dog, cat, or even a guinea pig, it’s always important to keep that pet hair under control, and with these perfect products, you’ll have the best of both worlds, a happy animal and a spotless home. 

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