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At BISSELL, we’re always looking for ways to improve your home cleaning experience by creating innovative, easy to use products that make keeping your home free of unwanted dirt as quick and simple as possible. 

We recently introduced the AirRam cordless vacuum range to the BISSELL family. The range consists of 3 powerful cordless vacuums which are all well suited for use on a range of surfaces such as carpets, laminate, hardwood, tiles and vinyl. Whether you’re looking to eliminate stubborn pet hair from your home or simply need a product to tackle cleaning up after the family, the AirRam range has you covered. 

Below is a run down of what’s included within the range, with a brief look into some exciting features of each product and some information on how this versatile product range will make home cleaning a breeze. 


The new and improved AirRam Cordless vacuum is the star of the AirRam cordless range. This lightweight yet powerful vacuum cleaner will transform the way you deal with heavy duty cleaning. Weighing only 3.2kg the AirRam is incredibly easy to manoeuvre and the swivel steering navigates around furniture and other tricky spaces with ease.

The vacuum also has the unique feature of being able to lay almost flat on the ground, which enables you to vacuum underneath furniture or other hard to reach areas of the home. This feature is extremely useful if you’re used to cleaning up after pets or children and know just how quickly dirt, dust and grime can accumulate in such spaces. When cleaning areas such as underneath furniture, the AirRam's revolutionary LED lighting makes sure you don’t miss a spot. The LED lights illuminate the area you’re cleaning allowing you a clearer view and therefore achieve the better result each and every time. 

Of course, being part of the AirRam range also means that this ultra-light vacuum is cordless. The removable 22V lithium ion battery provides up to 40 minutes of convenient, cordless cleaning time. Unlike other cordless vacuums, the AirRam remains powerful and doesn’t lose suction towards the end of its battery life. The powerful multi-surface brush of the AirRam also delivers superior cleaning on a variety of different surfaces. You can simply go from hard floors to area rugs without having to change settings. When full, the dirt bin is also easy to empty thanks to a built-in slider that effectively removes the debris you’ve collected without making any extra mess. 

Multi Reach Cordless Stick Vacuum

The BISSELL Multi Reach Cordless Stick Vacuum shares many of the same great features as the AirRam. Similar to the AirRam, the Multi Reach Cordless Stick can be used on a wide range of hard surfaces to tackle a variety of household messes. Yet the Multi Reach has the added benefit of being able to be used as a hand vacuum to remove dust and debris from additional surfaces such as upholstery, curtains and other areas high above floor level. Thanks to the extension wand and its compatibility with attachments such as the crevice and upholstery tools, spot cleaning areas that are high up and usually hard to reach becomes an extremely easy task. The Multi Reach is especially good at getting into high corners close to the ceiling to eliminate unwanted debris however is incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of spot cleaning tasks. 

bissell multireach cordless vacuum

As with the rest of the AirRam range, the Multi Reach is cordless making it a pleasure to use. Its 22V lithium ion battery charges fully in 5 hours and will provide you with up to 20 minutes of cordless freedom. The 0.4L capacity dirt bin can be emptied with the touch of a button so you can quickly empty out the tank without making a mess and be ready to return to cleaning in a matter of seconds. 

multi reach cordless stick vacuum

The Multi Reach is 1.54kg heavier than the AirRam, weighing in at only 4.54kg. It’s this weight, along with features such as swivel steering and an ergonomic handle that makes the Multi Reach not only easy to manoeuvre but comfortable to hold, which makes for a more pleasurable cleaning experience. 

Multi Cordless Hand Vac

The BISSELL Multi Cordless Hand Vac is an extremely versatile and powerful handheld vacuum that comes with a wide variety of tools. The innovative way in which these tools and attachments are stored on the vacuum itself makes this member of the AirRam range portable and easy for use in a variety of different settings. 

The Multi Cordless Handheld Vac is perfect for jobs such as removing stubborn pet hair or children’s messes from tight spots such as the car. The high-powered motorised brush makes dealing with heavy duty cleaning jobs a quick and simple task. The built-in extension hose allows for flexible and extended reach whereas the crevice tool is excellent for getting into hard to reach areas. 

Multi Cordless Hand Vac

Similar to both the AirRam and the Multi Reach Stick, this handheld vacuum also features LED lights, which give you a clear view of the area that you’re cleaning. It also shares the benefit of being incredibly easy to empty once full. The removable dirt tank means that this handheld vacuum can be emptied just about anywhere. The 22V lithium ion battery is also removable, giving you the freedom of being able to charge your battery anywhere whilst storing the vacuum itself in a different location if required. As the battery provides up to 20 minutes of high quality and powerful suction you’ll be able to tackle cleaning jobs in or outside of the home with ease. 

AirRam & MultiHand Vac Bundle

airram bundle

Last to feature in the AirRam cordless range is the AirRam and Multi Hand Vac Bundle. The bundle consists of the AirRam cordless vacuum and the Multi Cordless Hand Vac to give you a complete cleaning system that will allow you to reach just about any surface inside your home. With this money saving bundle you’ll be able to make use of all the great benefits of the AirRam cordless vacuum on ground level, then switch over to the handheld vacuum to finish cleaning in higher areas or extremely tight spots. As well as being able to clean any area of your home or car, another benefit of buying these two products as a bundle is the savings. The AirRam and Multi hand vac bundle saves you a whopping $149. 

So if you’re looking to improve your cleaning efforts with products that are not only effective but extremely easy to use the AirRam range is for you. These lightweight yet powerful products are sure to give you a superior clean, effortlessly, every time.

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