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The job of cleaning the car is one that is often sidelined during the busy workweek and left for the weekend. We know that most people have a long list of work/family/pet duties and commitments, all of which contribute to a grubby family car. Between weekday and weekend running around - sport, birthday parties, taking the dog to the park, and other social events, time is sparse, making it difficult to find the time to properly clean your car - inside and out. However, with Spring now here, it might be just be the perfect time to give your car some much needed TLC. Therefore, as the home cleaning experts, we felt it only necessary to offer a few car vacuum cleaning tips and advice for all the car lovers out there! 

BISSELL has always been the first choice when it comes to quality vacuum cleaners, with a number of our products proving to be incredibly powerful in the car and eradicating all mess and evidence of a family and pets! If committing to vacuuming your car isn’t happening with regularity, let’s review some car cleaning tips and advice that might make this chore a little more effective, with results that will bring you back for another car vacuum in no time at all.

Tips to becoming a pro car vacuum cleaner

Why is it that vacuuming the house can be a quick half an hour job, but the car vacuum takes so much longer, and you’re never entirely pleased with the results? Well, you are not alone, and a quick glance around any family car will confirm that. Today we are going to do some myth-busting and show you how our range of car vacuum cleaners can target specific debris and leave you with a clean car for longer, no matter how many children, pets or activities you can squeeze into the week.

1. Don’t bother with cords

multi cordless handheld vacuum 

Not being close enough to a powerpoint is a reasonable and well-used excuse for getting out of vacuuming the car, and it just adds another barrier when you have to do some logistical magic to make it happen. Our Multi Cordless Hand Vacuum is a favourite for car cleaning, as you can clean your car from the garage or on the street and those hard to reach spots are more accessible when you don’t have a bulky vacuum unit in tow. 

2. The never-ending pet fur issue

ICON car image 

The typical dark care interior can hide a multitude of sins, but not if you have a pet with white or light fur. This can be a hard challenge to remove all pet fur from the car as its fine in nature and adheres to the interiors. If your pet is often onboard, our ICON Pet might be the product you have been searching for. It comes with a variety of tools, including the tangle free motorised turbo brush roll.

3. Deep stains

spotclean turbo

There are some marks and stains that even the best car vacuum in the world can’t hide, and this is where our SpotClean or SpotClean Turbo is going to add value, as it works as a carpet and upholstery cleaner to penetrate the fibres and lift any marks through the powerful suction. The SpotClean tools are very easy to use, and the benefit is that you don’t have to do it every time you vacuum as it should keep your car at baseline cleanliness for a longer period.

Invest in a new car aroma

Who says you can only enjoy that new car smell in a new car? You might feel more accountable to the cleanliness of your car if you have a delicious smell greeting you every time you jump in the car, not to mention making the journey more enjoyable. You can choose from a great range of car aromas, and there are even Aloe and Lavender scents that bring physical and mental benefits so ask the opinion of your family and make your way through some great smells.

4. Eradicate allergens

multi allergen formula

BISSELL has earned its name for providing a formidable line of defence against seasonal allergens, and you should be considering the Allergen Removal Formula for your car when you administer a deep clean using Spotclean Turbo or Revolution Pet. This will neutralise any dust, pet debris or any lingering allergens that live in your car. This is very important in the springtime, although if a member of your family suffers from hayfever year-round, be sure to make this a part of your regular cleaning regime. 

5. Wipe and polish

Now that your interiors are taken care of, you don’t want to be forgetting about your surfaces that need a good wipe and polish. Use a slightly damp microfiber cloth to clean the hard surfaces inside your car, polishing where possible. You can also wax the exterior of your car, but make sure you read the instructions on your car wax before you start as you want this job done promptly and efficiently to avoid any harm to the car.

Preparing for an efficient car vacuum and clean

With the right tools and greater knowledge of how you can be cleaning more efficiently, we hope your time using the car vacuum cleaner is more productive. When you think about the time that some Dad’s spend taking their car to a car wash to vacuum and do an internal clean - this can now be completely avoided. Furnish your shed with the BISSELL Revolution Pet Hose, Multi Cordless Hand Vacuum, SpotClean Turbo and the Allergen Removal Formula. You won’t go wrong with this collection.

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