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Pet Hair Eraser Slim | 2907F


Access every area of your home without the hassle of a cord


Icon™ EDGE | 2953F


The BISSELL® ICON™ EDGE Cordless Vacuum is engineered to deal with dirt, dust and debris on a daily basis. With superior cleaning power from a powerful high speed motor, its an ideal choice for families with busy, active lives.


ICON™ | 2602F


The BISSELL® ICON 25V cordless vacuum is engineered to deal with dirt, dust and debris on a daily basis.

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AirRam | 2167


Transform your cleaning routine with the award winning AirRam cordless vacuum. Glide effortlessly from carpets to hard floors with this high-performance cordless vacuum designed to make heavy duty cleaning quick and easy.

MULTIREACH™ Cordless Stick Vacuum | 2168


The BISSELL® MultiReach™ Cordless Vacuum combines performance and lightweight versatility in a powerful cordless stick vac. Suitable to clean messes on carpets, rugs and hard floors, it can also be used as a hand vacuum, giving you the ability to spot clean above floor surfaces like upholstery, curtains and more.

Multi Hand Vacuum | 2169


Powerful cordless freedom and convenient versatility for superior cleaning inside your home and your car!


MultiReach™ 18V | 2280F


A cordless stick vacuum offers powerful cleaning


MultiReach™ XL 36V BOLT™ | 2983F


A powerful clean is available in a lightweight, cordless vacuum. The MultiReach Ion XL Lightweight Cordless Vacuum is an easy-to-use cordless vacuum with a removable hand vacuum.