home cleaning guide part 3

In the last part of the Ultimate BISSELL Guide To Home Cleaning, we expand on our previous pieces within this series by outlining some advice and tips on how to clean a Nursery and Home Office. Although not every home will have either of these rooms, for homes that do, these are two very well-used rooms that will need very regular deep cleaning - especially the nursery. So, with that in mind, here's the third and final instalment of the Ultimate BISSELL Guide To Home Cleaning!



If you have a baby or toddler then cleaning certain areas within their nursery is highly important. Sure, small children are cute, but there’s no denying that they can be absolute magnets for germs, leaving a never-ending trail of crumbs and sticky fingerprints behind wherever they go. As well as completing your routine clean, sticking with many of the same tips and tricks we’ve mentioned throughout this guide, there are a handful of areas you may want to pay particular attention to, to ensure your nursery is pristine and more importantly free of harmful bacteria. 

Changing Area

baby changing table

It’s no surprise that our babies changing stations can play host to germs and bacteria and need a good clean after each use. We recommend having anti-bacterial wipes next to your changing station so they’re there ready for you each time you’ve used the changing area. When giving your changing area a more thorough clean, be sure to refresh your changing mat cover, pay particular attention to the handles of drawers (if your changing table has these) and any other hard surface of the changing table you touch whilst changing your baby. It’s wise to remember that many infants can be sensitive to harsh chemicals, so be sure to rinse or wipe down everything after you’ve cleaned to remove any residue of product you may have used. Using a steam cleaner such as the PowerFresh Slim on the hard surfaces of your changing table is a great way of making them sanitary without the need for harsh chemicals. 

Cot or Bed

Similar to the bed in your room, your baby's cot or bed needs to be cleaned frequently to rid it of germs, dead skin, dust and unwanted odours. Infants tend to dribble and nappies can leak, so investing in waterproof mattress protectors will make cleaning easier and save you from having to replace a good mattress due to it being soiled.

ICON Vacuum

Be sure to wash all of your children’s bed sheets on a hot wash every few days or more frequently if required. To remove allergens, dust and debris use a vacuum such as the ICON or the Multi Cordless Hand Vac and vacuum both sides of your babies mattress. And, if you have had any leaks or accidents on the cot mattress then we suggest giving it a deep clean with a portable SpotClean. This will extract and deeply embeded dust, allergens and stains.


It’s a scary thought, but your babies toys are often the dirtiest things within your nursery, and more often than not your children will put their beloved toys in their mouth! We can’t stress the importance of disinfecting your children’s toys enough. There are many sterilising solutions on the market that are perfect for the job and these are perfect for cleaning your child’s plastic or teething toys.

clean baby's toys

For wooden toys, spray with your chosen steriliser or disinfectant before thoroughly wiping away any residue with a clean, damp cloth. For teddy bears and plush toys you can simply stick these in the washing machine along with some laundry sanitiser, just make sure the toys are completely dry before returning these to the nursery. 


Babies and toddlers spend a lot of time close to the ground, especially once they start crawling. So keeping the floors of their nursery free of germs as well as removing dirt and debris that small, sticky fingers are all too good at finding is essential. The Hydrowave Ultralight will not only leave your nursery carpets looking and smelling clean and fresh, using this product will remove bacteria and allergens from carpets making them safe and sanitary.

hydrowave ultralight

Many choose hard floors for the nursery as they tend to be more practical and easier to clean. To keep your hard floors looking their best we suggest vacuuming and mopping your floors at least every other day. Using a CrossWave, which vacuums and mops at the same time, will help you clean in the quickest of times. Alternatively, vacuum your floor with a cordless upright vacuum such as the AirRam, then give it a mop with the Spinwave Cordless mop which allows you to clean and sanitise hard floors with little to no effort at all. The power spin pads take the hard work out of mopping and make removing sticky fingerprints easier than ever. 

baby room floor

Knowing your baby’s nursery is as safe as it can be will give you one less thing to worry about. Keeping the above areas in mind as you go about your normal cleaning duties should help you keep germs and bacteria at bay. 

Home Office

home office with kids

The humble home office tends to be more functional than fashionable, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get the same attention as the rest of the home come cleaning day. Even if you’re the only one using this space, it still requires cleaning and disinfecting in order to keep both you and your family healthy. 


Dust or vacuum any surfaces such as bookshelves and window sills starting at the top of the room and work your way down. Again, the ICON is perfect for home office cleaning as it’s cordless, lightweight and makes vacuuming even the tightest spots a simple task. 


cleaning desk

As you spend the majority of your time at your desk it’s likely to be the dirtiest part of your home office. A good way to ensure nothing gets missed whilst cleaning is to remove everything from there, vacuum or dust the desks surface, then disinfect and only return items back to their rightful place once they’ve received the same treatment. Take care not to damage your expensive office items such as the computer, but try to give areas such as your mouse, keyboard and phone a good enough wipe down to ensure they are clean and bacteria free. Also pay close attention to the area around wires that can get extremely dusty and the handles of drawers or cupboards of your desk that you tend to touch a lot. 

Computer Chair

Your computer chair is another area of this room that gets a lot of use and therefore requires regular cleaning. Begin by removing any crumbs from your secret snack breaks using a handheld vacuum such as the Multi Cordless Hand Vac or if using an upright vacuum use the upholstery attachment to get into the gaps between the backrest and seat cushion.

spotclean turbo

Next move onto giving the fabric a refresh using an upholstery cleaner. The SpotClean Turbo is a great tool for tackling stains and spots on upholstery around the home.  Once you’re satisfied that your office throne is as clean as can be you can finish by giving the arms and legs a dust before wiping everything down with an all-purpose disinfectant. 


ICON vacuum cleaner

Due to the amount of furniture needed in a home office, cleaning the floors can be a little tricky. For getting to those hard to reach areas such as underneath the desk and manoeuvring around tight corners the ICON vacuum will be the best tool for the job.

spinwave cordless

After hoovering it’s time to finish the room properly by cleaning the floors. For hard floors the SpinWave Cordless mop will be much faster and more effective than a traditional mop and bucket. If you’re dealing with carpets or rugs then use the HydroWave Ultralight as it’s best suited to compact living. 

hydrowave ultralight

Not missing a deadline when it comes to deep cleaning your home office will make the space much more comfortable and could even increase your productivity. 


We hope that the information, product suggestions and cleaning tips provided in this guide will make cleaning any area within your home easier than ever. Our range of BISSELL tools are all designed to make cleaning fast, efficient and effortless. Keeping both you and your family happy and healthy whilst at home should always be high on your list of priorities, so using products that have been created with this in mind is a no-brainer.

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