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For pet owners, cleaning the home typically means pulling out a variety of different cleaning devices and adding a few extra steps to our daily cleaning routines. Our engineers at BISSELL decided that there has to be a better way to clean household surfaces in pet-friendly homes than maintaining the arduous process of vacuuming, and then mopping to remove bacteria.

Enter the BISSELL CrossWave® Pet. Using state-of-the-art technology, we’ve created a vacuum cleaner that also washes your floors and other surfaces at the same time. With innovative cleaning features and technologies that have been developed specifically for pet-friendly homes, the BISSELL CrossWave® Pet is designed to be the ultimate cleaning solution for households with animal inhabitants.

Our Guide on How to Use BISSELL CrossWave Pet

Here are the steps on how to use BISSELL CrossWave Pet:

BISSELL CrossWave® Pet Specifications

  • Model: 2225F
  • Colour: Titanium with Grapevine Purple and Sparkle Silver
  • Wattage: 560w
  • Power cord length: 7.62M
  • Weight: 5.0KG
  • Water tank capacity: 828ML
  • Surface cleaning: Sealed Hard Floors - including Tile, Sealed Timber, Laminate, Marble, Polished Concrete, Vinyl, Engineered Flooring, Floating Floors, and Low-Pile Area Rugs.
  • Dirt tank capacity: 428ML
  • Swivel head: Yes

Included accessories, parts and formulae:

Top Features of the BISSELL CrossWave® Pet Specifications

If you’re in the market for an all-around cleaner, the BISSELL CrossWave® Pet is for you. Weighing in at just 5KG and equipped with ergonomic wheels, the CrossWave® Pet is incredibly portable, without sacrificing on top-of-the-line cleaning features. For the reasonable price of $529, you’re getting a versatile tool to clean all over the house. 

Our BISSELL CrossWave® Pet is equipped with an ultra-comfortable handle, allowing you to clean for hours without your hand getting tired. You can also switch between modes and spray cleaning solution using the handle. The BISSELL CrossWave® Pet has a 7.62 metre long cord, which means you won’t need to constantly change outlets while you’re cleaning. What’s more, the CrossWave® Pet is equipped with a flexible swivel head, which helps when cleaning harder-to-reach areas. 

The BISSELL CrossWave® Pet was designed with pet owners in mind. It comes with a Multi-Surface Tangle Free Brush Roll, which was specially built to clean without getting tangled up with pet hair. When you order a CrossWave® Pet, you’ll also get a washable filter, a bottle of Multi-Surface Pet Cleaning Formula, a rinse & clean out tray and a pet hair strainer. The CrossWave® Pet is perfect for keeping a pet-filled home neat and clean

With a BISSELL CrossWave® Pet, you’ll be equipped to work on a whole host of different surfaces, including but not limited to sealed hard floors, laminate, marble and low-pile area rugs. The CrossWave® Pet is perfectly designed for a wide range of applications, whether you’re looking to clean your kitchen, keep your baby's nursery clean, maintain your home office or any other part of your house. 

The BISSELL CrossWave® Pet also features a modern two-tank system that keeps the clean water you use on your floor separate from the dirty water that gets collected. The clean water tank holds a whopping 828ML, while the dirty tank has a capacity of 428ML of water, meaning that you won’t have to keep refilling and emptying your CrossWave® Pet while you clean. 

For a cleaning tool built for versatility and specially designed with pet owners’ homes in mind, the BISSELL CrossWave® Pet is perfect.

How To Use Your BISSELL CrossWave Pet

Learning how to use BISSELL CrossWave Pet to clean up pet messes is as easy as following this 6-step process.

Step 1: Fill The Clean Water Tank With Water and Formula

Before you start cleaning, you’ll need to fill your BISSELL CrossWave® Pet with warm (not hot!) water. You’ll find the clean water tank at the back. Detach this by gently lifting it up, and unscrew the cap. Then, simply fill it up with water.

You’ll find two water lines indicated on the clean water tank. Fill up to the lower one if you’re cleaning an area of less than 50 square metres, and to the higher one if you want to clean an area of up to 100 square metres. Above each water line, you’ll find a formula line. Pour in a cleaning formula like the Multi-Surface Pet Cleaning Formula until you hit the line. 

Then, screw the cap back on and replace the water tank by sliding it in until you hear a ‘click.’

Step 2: Plug In The Machine and Select Your Cleaning Mode

You’ll find the cord to plug in your machine on the back of your BISSELL CrossWave® Pet. Plug it into a conveniently-located outlet.

Then, select your cleaning mode based on the surface you’re going to clean. The buttons for switching modes are located on the handle of your CrossWave® Pet. 

For Hard Floors:

Press the ‘Hard Floors’ button to switch on your BISSELL CrossWave® Pet. Press it again to switch off your machine. 

For Area Rugs:

Press the ‘Rug’ button to switch the BISSELL CrossWave® Pet on. To switch it off, press the same button again.

Step 3: Recline The Machine To Start The Brush Roll

To get the brush rolls going on your BISSELL CrossWave® Pet, simply recline your machine using the handle. Lower it until the brush rolls start spinning. This happens automatically, without the use of buttons, for your convenience. If you want to stop the brush rolls from spinning, just bring your CrossWave® Pet back to an upright position and lean it against a wall.

Step 4: Prime The System Before Use

Before you start cleaning, you’ll need to prime your BISSELL CrossWave® Pet with a cleaning solution. Press down on the spray trigger, which you’ll find on the handle, for around ten seconds. You’ll know that the priming is happening if you see the LED lights switch on. When you see bubbles start to form, you’ll know your CrossWave® Pet is ready.

Step 5: Start Cleaning

You’re finally ready to clean.

To get a good clean, you’ll probably need to make a few asses over your floor. To release the cleaning solution, keep your finger pressed on the spray trigger as you move your BISSELL CrossWave® Pet over your floor.

Step 6: Dry Your Floor

To dry both hard floors and carpets faster, pass your BISSELL CrossWave® Pet over the floor without pressing the spray trigger. 

Check out our user guide for a step-by-step guide and accompanying diagrams while learning how to use BISSELL CrossWave Pet with ease.

Clean and Maintain Your BISSELL CrossWave® Pet

Your BISSELL CrossWave® Pet comes with a rinse and storage tray to make cleaning it easier than ever. Simply place your machines on the rinse and storage tray, fill the rinse funnell until you hit the ‘MAX’ line. Then, switch your machine on to the ‘HARD FLOOR’ setting and let it rest on the tray for ten to fifteen seconds. Repeat this process as often as necessary. Then, to remove the brush roll, simply remove the brush window, then grab the brush roll tab and pull up to remove, place it in the brush roll drying tray to dry.

You’ll also need to empty and clean the dirty water tank after use. First, detach the tank from your BISSELL CrossWave® Pet by pressing down on the button on top and pulling it out by its handle. Then, remove the strainer and throw away the solid dirt attached to it, and empty the water tank itself. Next, you’ll want to hand wash the vacuum filter and screen using warm water and a mild detergent. Finally, rinse the float stack. If the inside of the tank is still dirty, wipe it clean with a towel. Don’t forget to leave the parts out to dry separately when you’re done cleaning them. 

To clean the brush roll, first remove it from your BISSELL CrossWave® Pet by pulling down on the handle of the brush window and pulling it up, then detaching the brush roll itself by pulling out the brush roll tab. Rinse it with water. If the brush roll chamber is dirty, clean it out with a towel. Then, leave both the brush roll and the window out to dry.

Simplify Your Life With The BISSELL CrossWave® Pet

The BISSELL CrossWave® Pet, from our versatile CrossWave® range, of multi-surface cleaners is a top-of-the-line option if you’re a pet owner looking for a machine to clean all over the house. It’s a powerful, efficient machine that vacuums and mops at the same time.The BISSELL CrossWave® Pet needs to be experienced to be believed.

Experience stress-free cleaning and learn how to use BISSELL CrossWave Pet. Order one today so you simplify your cleaning experience when unexpcted messes arise!

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